Divar Poshesh Siman Part CO

The first and the only manufacturer of Calcium Silicate Fiber Cement Board in Iran

with DP trademark

Pioneering in Building Industrialization

In accordance with Universal Standards

Resistance category A3

The most quality product available in the Iranian market

According to the Technical Department of the Research Center for Roads, Housing and Urban Development

Beautiful, robust and affordable

Incomparable with other materials

Tehran Iran Mall Project

The project area is 2.5 million square meters

Donyaye Arezo Business Project

Internal walls 3 thousand square meters

Tehran Damavand Tower project


Some of the products of the DP Boards: Fiber Cement Board, Decorative Fiber Cement Board, false floore, Ceiling Tiles and...

Produced with the world's most advanced equipment and technology

Why DP Fiber Cement Boards?

The only Autoclave manufacturer in the country

This company is the only manufacturer of cement board of autoclave in the country that can produce customized products according to customers' needs in the shortest time.

The most quality product available

According to the Technical Department of the Road Research, Housing and Urban Development Research Center, the products of this company are the most quality product available in the Iranian market.

Resistance category A3

While most of the same imported products are in the Resistance category 1, 2, the company was able to produce and deliver a more robust product than its competitors in the A3 category.

Save time and money

High quality products, custom production, easy installation, high execution speed and reduced project execution time by up to 70% all save time and money.

AboutDivar Poshesh Siman Part Company

The first and the only manufacturer of Calcium Silicate Fiber Cement Board in Iran

Divar Pooshesh Siman Part is the first and only manufacturer of calcium silicate fiber cement board in Iran, with DP trademark. It is founded in 2013, located in Bandargaz industrial estate Golestan province, Iran,38 kilometers from Gorgan with a production capacity of 5 million square meters annually. Since 2013, 100 workers and staff are employed, among them 10 are R&D teams.

Build Professional With DP Company

  • high execution speed

  • Variety and beautiful color scheme

  • Insulation against sound and heat

  • Applicable to a variety of buildings

  • Light but very resistant

  • Absence of asbestos and harmful substances for health

  • There are diverse products for all parts of the building

  • With Quality Guarantee from DP Company

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