What is fiber cement board?

It is a kind of 100% Non-asbestos Calcium Silicate Fiber Cement Compressed Board with the same color for both internal and external wall application of the building. Its main materials are cement, sand, cellulose, waterproof materials and natural mineral.

Calcium Silicate Fiber cement board is a stable performance and light weight building &decoration board used cement as major and natural reinforced, with the process of pulping, emulsion,forming, pressing, autoclaving ,drying and surface treatment .

The colors are white and gray. With the sanding surface, thickness uniformity is better and grain is clearer. And because of the cement, the strength is higher, and water proof performance is much better.

So calcium silicate fiber cement boards is the highest quality product in domestic and foreign building materials market. Standard size: 1200*2400* 4/6/8/9/10/12/18 mm. Theother size based on buyers' requirement.

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