Use the Hatschek method

Description of the process of manufacturing fiber cement board

The fibercement board consists of silicon, silica, and water, which is made by the fiber using the Hatschek method. This process was originally used to produce composites, but is now for something that can be used as a substitute Asbestos used.

As part of the Hatschek process, the cellulose fiber is then mixed in hot water and then mixed with cement, silica and other additives. Then the mixture of cement fibers is transferred onto a conveyor belt and then a laminate roll, and this process is repeated.

Pre Heating

After being produced in a work shift, the products enter the preheated atmosphere to provide initial reactions and preparations for cooking in an autoclave atmosphere. Then the products are autoclaved and prepared for cooking by pressure and heat.


To reduce the baking time of cement plates from 28 days to 24 hours and reaching a high baking machine with a high compressive strength, the Autoclave enclosure is used, which Divar Poshesh Siman Part Co. is the only manufacturer of cement sheets and fibers with autoclave baking process in the country.

Cutting and packing and packaging

After baking, the products are taken to the warehouse for cutting and palletizing, and after the operation, the packaging is carried out on wooden pallets and special bands, and the products are prepared for delivery to the customer.

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